About Us

Due to the geographic distances, language barriers, cultural differences and different business customs, European companies are facing difficulties in finding a common language with the Middle-East manufacturers. Our company is the bridge between the two sides. An increasing number of European manufacturers and retailers recognize the importance of the business relations of Middle-East, especially of Iran. We constantly provide appearance in Europe for Middle-East’s, especially Iran’s manufacturers and receive contact intents of European representatives of the particular sector. We facilitate and accelerate trade cooperation for European inquiring with the partners of Middle-East, especially of Iran.  

RAS International Trading was established in ITALY (with Iranian leadership) to assist in the asset management strategies of the owning principle/s or company and providing all industrial products around of the world for his clients for example:

  • negotiation the representation of the companies
  • transfer of technologies
  • buying the industrials factories machines spare parts

for the client’s needs.

The process is very selective as many companies and their ownership representation are crucial in ensuring that the elements of integrity are not breached or compromised and their products are the best technologies with all standard certifications. It is for that reason that companies and their products are carefully checked as our industrials relations are important and key in this process. We are quickly becoming a unique business option and opportunity for many companies. We take pride in the work done over the last several years by many dedicated people who have professional and real world experience in the difficulties of producing. The factories have worked to create a viable industrials products strategy that can serve our efforts and that of our beneficiaries with actual results. This is accomplished through the sourcing of industrials companies who serve as a partner relation or agent for certain production.

Besides these we are looking for companies that supply new technologies such as:

  • Installing new water projects - water resources are becoming increasingly scarce, are facing unique problems that require global, immediate attention. The Middle East requires water resources and suitable land for agriculture. Desertification is a sweeping environmental problem, with vast effects especially in Iran.
  • New Energy Technology
  • Information technology
  • Industrial technology / Robotics - are the use of engineering and manufacturing technology to make production faster, simpler and more efficient.


Our company has a purposed to provide all industrials materials to selected and or approved projects that support job creation, innovative technology, environmental and green based business. We also have a focus on agriculture both foreign and domestic. Our Mission is to provide Economic Development and Humanitarian Support.


RAS International Trading is your leading resource for Small Business and large industrial corporate. We have alliances around the World to facilitate all corporate producing for projects across the globe. We have years of experience and unsurpassed strength in Engineering and Economics. All other projects are service through our authorized alliances that screen and green light projects for review and consideration by our partners. RAS can be your choice to success.

 As a result of our experience, our relations and history, we can help you with your strategy to accomplish your business objectives. From industrial planning to operations we have the industry understanding to help you reach your goals and objectives. Unlike a lot of consulting groups or companies we take your vision, idea, concept, product or service and shape it to represent what you had envisioned. By defining the potential and shaping it into a realistic approach you will be surprised at what can be achieved. You will be glad you asked for a phone consultation with us because it will change how you think and the potential of your company.